Earth may be hit by a “cannibal” solar storm in the future

A “cannibal” solar storm could cause a great deal of damage to planet Earth. A real nightmare scenario.

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Email, social networks and instant messaging apps are just some of the tools at our disposal, thanks to which we can communication with anyone, even if distant. There are many devices at our disposal, many of which require, for example, a connection to the network internet. But not only that, in order to work they must first have a charged battery, so it is necessary to connect to theelectric energy.

A clear demonstration of how now many of the devices at our disposal cannot work in full autonomy. Precisely in such a context, therefore, the risk of having to deal with one cannot fail to cause concern “cannibal” solar storm which could cause a lot of damage on planet Earth. So let’s go into the details and see what to expect.

“Cannibal” solar storm coming, watch out for possible damage: what to expect

Only a while ago we talked about the possibility that a great one solar storm may cause a global blackout of the internet network due to the vulnerability of repeaters used in submarine cables. A mere hypothesis, with the probability that a solar storm of this kind will occur in the next decades, ranging from 1.6 to 12%.

At the same time it cannot go unnoticed like the Sole, lately, it is quite active. In the last period, for example, it has released a powerful coronal mass ejection, capable of invest our magnetic field. If all this were not enough, according to scholars we will find ourselves having to deal, by 2025, with many other powerful storms of this kind.

Events that could end up causing damage to satellites and electronic devices. Not only that, such explosions could disrupt radio communications. If all this were not enough, these solar storms could occur one after the other, so much so as to be renamed “cannibals“. In the latter case, as it is easy to guess, the impact could set off a real nightmare.

According to the estimates of the Nasa, for example, the arrival of a cannibal solar storm could compromise the distribution of water for some time, while drugs and perishable foods would be lost within two hours maximum. Not only that, 130 million people, in the United States alone, could remain without electricity. If all this were not enough, you risk losing many other services.

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These include, for example, refueling and heating. A real nightmare scenario, for which scholars are trying to make the various systems particularly resistant, in order to avoid, in future, having to deal with more problematic situations than expected.

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