Migrants, Poland will build a wall on the border with Belarus

November 15, 2021 6:07 PM

The works will start in December and the structure, 180 kilometers long and 5.5 meters high, is expected to be ready by mid-2022.

The action that will be implemented through the construction of a barrier on the border with Belarus “is an absolutely strategic and priority investment for the security of the nation and its citizens,” said Warsaw Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski.

Contracts will be signed by December 15 and work on the border will begin later this month, running 24 hours a day in three shifts. The barrier has an estimated cost of € 353 million and is expected to stretch 180 kilometers, about half the total length of the Polish-Belarus border. Last month, Parliament gave its green light to build the barrier.


Migrants Poland build wall border Belarus

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