for this driver ends up in disgrace – Libero Quotidiano

for this driver ends up in disgrace – Libero Quotidiano
for this driver ends up in disgrace – Libero Quotidiano

Being a train driver in Japan it’s a tough, tiring and dangerous job. Far, in short, from the malicious stereotypes concerning the category in Italy. Proof? What happened to an employee of the West Japa Railway, who has now decided to sue his company. Reason? In 2020, the driver was driving a convoy that arrived at its destination with a minute late. Not ten minutes, not an hour, practically the norm for any passenger, even if not habitual, who has set foot at least once in an Italian station, raising his eyes to the billboard (and to the sky) to find not if, but how much he should wait longer than the pre-established schedule.

Well, for that single minute of delay caused by a mishap on the way, the driver has had his salary cut, a fine that in the culture and world of work of the Rising Sun is equivalent not only to a stain on the curriculum, but directly to an onta personal, an intimate shame. And never mind if the punishment was, in fact, negligible: 56 yen less in the paycheck, the “beauty” of 43 euro cents. A trifle that has become a moral boulder.

Also for this reason, after more than a year. the employee decided to take the West Japa Railway to court asking for 2.2 million yen (17 thousand euros) come “compensation for psychological damage“A revolution, in case of victory, capable of overturning the very concept of Japan, which is more rigorous than Switzerland when it comes to timetables.

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driver ends disgrace Libero Quotidiano

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