She was 291 kg when she entered Vite to the limit: then the super transformation

He left a mark among all the protagonists who have been part of Vite al Limite. The woman, in fact, had a particular path

The protagonists of Lives to the Limit they often leave their mark on viewers. Their stories remain in the hearts of the public, who in Italy – for many years now – have been following them with passion on Real Time. The path that the patients of the clinic of Dr. From now on follow is very complicated, especially long. First a strict diet to get to the weight sufficient to be able to operate, then theintervention true for stomach reduction with gastric bypass.

He was 291 kg when he participated in Lives on the limit: then the extraordinary transformation (websource)

Not all patients succeed, and many stories are painful. For others, however, the doors open wide for a prodigious physical change. Among the many patients who have fascinated the public there is certainly Dottie Perkins. It seemed like a basket case, considering that when she entered the clinic of Houston he was close to 300 kilos (his weight was 291, to be exact) and had serious problems with food addiction.

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Vite al Limite, the hard journey and the unexpected ending

The size she had reached prevented her from any normal activity, even the simplest ones like moving around or washing. Its huge weight it began to develop already when she was a child. At the time of admission he was 34 years old, and finally with the decision to make a strong change in his life, since his health was also at risk. A path tiring, because Dottie lost weight with difficulty: in one year only 55 kilos, half or even less than the expected goal.

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Dottie Perkins before and after (websource)

Incidentally she was also angry with the production, which she accused of having described her story as bankruptcy. For this reason he left the program, but a tragic event called everything into question. There death of one of her children upset her, but that made her realize she had to work harder for lose weight.


entered Vite limit super transformation

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