“I learned it on Tik Tok”

“I learned it on Tik Tok”
“I learned it on Tik Tok”

Here’s how to do the gesture for asking for help

Sometimes social media saves life. It was thanks to a signal for help which in recent months has been disseminated on various platforms via video, that one sixteen year old was saved, after being the victim of a kidnapping. It happened in the United States, in North Carolina.

The girl was missing a few days ago when, while he was in the car with his kidnapper, he gave a sign for help to a motorist: he palm shown, bent thumb, then closing it with the other four fingers, up to make a fist. The gesture was adopted as an alarm signal in case of Domestic violence, but it can also be used for other general help requests. As soon as the driver realized that the girl was in danger called the 911 emergency number, having the kidnapper arrested.

A signal born during the lockdown

The girl had learned that gesture on Tik Tok, given that from March 2020 to today the tutorials on how to do and recognize the ‘helping fist’ are depopulated on social networks, including on Facebook and Instagram.

SignalForHelp, so it is called, it was created for the first time by the Women’s Funding Network at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown, as a tool for use by victims of domestic abuse. A silent way that allows you to escape any additional retaliation by which you abuse them. And to alert the rescue in a silent way, without the need for a single word to be exchanged between the victim and the rescuers.


learned Tik Tok

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