«With Trump, stop to progress on the climate. Now help the most vulnerable countries »- Corriere.it

«With Trump, stop to progress on the climate. Now help the most vulnerable countries »- Corriere.it
«With Trump, stop to progress on the climate. Now help the most vulnerable countries »- Corriere.it
from Sara Gandolfi

The former US president landed in Scotland on Sunday evening. His speech at the conference on Monday afternoon. We all have a role, we have to make sacrifices

Insufficient measures, but the right path, says the former US president Barack Obama at the climate summit, where he attacks the leaders of Russia and China for their daunting absence but also his predecessor Trump for stopping the progress of the United States and for his active hostility to science. And it ensures the United States is back. We have to lead this process, we have enormous responsibilities. And therehear the young, and their vital impatience.

Finally also the icy corridors of the Scottish Event Center, where in progress Cop26, they experience a thrill of excitement. Obama presents himself as a ray of light for many delegates. snappy and charismatic, as always, he has the strength of a leader who can afford to start with a joke: I can finally make a speech without wearing a tie and without causing scandal at home, He says. But then, the face becomes serious: The time to do something is really running out. And we are still nowhere near the goals we set ourselves. The delegates of the more developed countries take yet another scolding: We all have a role to play, we all have work to do, we all have to make sacrifices, but those of us who live in large and rich countries, those who contribute to precipitating the problem, it has a additional burden, which is to guarantee aid and assistance to the most vulnerable, those who are least responsible, says Obama.

Greta has left Glasgow after leading the huge demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday – he did not want to lose days of excuse, his spokespersons explain – and this time, therefore, he was unable to meet Obama. The former US president, however, took up his challenge and, in his speech in the plenary hall, immediately sided with the young people: Their vital impatience, he assures, to push world leaders to keep their commitment to contain global warming to within 1.5C compared to pre-industrial temperatures. He remembers being an island kid when he remembers the challenge of the most vulnerable nations:
I was shaped by my growing up experience in Hawaii, where he spent his youth.

Then the lunge to the absent leaders. It was particularly disheartening to see the leaders of two of the world’s largest emitters, China and Russia, refuse to participate in the proceedings, and their national plans reflect what appears to be a dangerous absence of urgency. And there was not even an attack on Donald Trump: In the United States – he said – some of the progress on climate stalled when my successor decided to unilaterally withdraw from the Paris Agreement in his first year in office.

The work program

Obama arrived in Glasgow in a long-awaited return to the world stage, centered on the climate crisis. The former presidbody landed in Scotland on Sunday evening and alland 14 (15 Italian time) will hold a speech in the plenary hall – reserved for delegates – and terr some meetings. It is said that he will stay in Edinburgh rather than Glasgow.

A crowd of photojournalists, cameramen and onlookers welcomed him under the white awnings of the Sec. Obama was accompanied by the special envoy for Climate John Kerry and someone suspects that a handover is approaching between the two, especially if the rumor that Kerry is destined for a promotion to another role.

The tweet

Before embarking on the journey, Obama he tweeted: Five years ago, the Paris Agreement went into effect. Paris has provided an important framework in the fight against climate change, but not enough. That is why in Glasgow I will talk about the way to go and what young people in particular can do to help.

Obama’s speech did not convince Greta’s boys. The first to criticize him, a few minutes of his public speech, was Vanessa Nakate. When I was 13, in 2009, you pledged $ 100 billion to finance the fight against climate change. The United States has betrayed its promises, this will cost loss of life in Africa, writes the Ugandan activist on Twitter posting a video 12 years ago in which the then President Barack Obama intervened at COP15 ensuring policies to fight climate change . The richest country on earth is not contributing enough to life-saving funds. You want to meet the young people of COP26. We want facts.

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