Poland, thousands in the streets after the death of a 30-year-old pregnant: she was prevented from having an abortion – The video

“Not one more” is the slogan echoed in the streets of Warsaw today, November 6, during a demonstration with thousands of participants to ask that what happened to a 30-year-old pregnant woman, who died in recent days in recent days, no longer happens. a hospital in the city of Pszczyna, in southern Poland. The woman died after doctors decided not to terminate her pregnancy. A choice that followed the laws in force in the country that almost totally prohibit women from having abortions. The demonstrators passed in front of the Constitutional Tribunal and the headquarters of the Ministry of Health. Several demonstrations were also held in other cities in Poland. Among the demonstrators also political figures such as the leader of the Polish opposition party Civic Platform (Po), Donald Tusk. The former president of the European Council yesterday said that through the decisions of the Constitutional Court of Poland it is the judges, and not the doctors, who control the pregnancies. “In recent years and months something very dangerous has been happening,” with “ideology in power” mistaken for popular will, he said.

The case behind the protests

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, the woman, Iolanta Budzowska, was hospitalized for a secretion of amniotic fluid, a pathology confirmed by the doctors. After the fetus died, the woman developed septic shock and died 24 hours after being hospitalized. The victim’s family lawyer explained that the woman contacted relatives to say that the doctors had not wanted to terminate the pregnancy. This is in accordance with the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court, which in October 2020 banned abortion in the event of an incurable fetal disease. The hospital justified the decision by talking about “safety of the patient and the fetus”, while the decision to terminate the pregnancy is “another matter”.

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Poland thousands streets death #30yearold pregnant prevented abortion video

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