“Open the windows 10 minutes a day”, the UK measure against the increase in Covid infections

Don’t panic, we’re British. After saying no to the return of basic measures such as the obligation of a mask in indoor places or the introduction of a Green pass, the United Kingdom has decided to promote an awareness campaign in the face of the surge in new cases of Covid-19 and hospitalizations whose fulcrum is: ventilate the house, especially when you have invited.

The new London strategy, in fact, is to urge the population to open the windows for 10 minutes every hour when they are at home in the company of other people. London does not intend to impose new restrictions and for this reason doctors and scientists are trying to encourage people to implement responsible behaviors that can prevent contagion, in view of the winter, without giving up sociality. “With fewer restrictions in place this winter, following the successful vaccination program, the act of freshening the air in the house when people have visitors is even more important for everyone to keep infections low,” said Dr. Thomas Waite, Deputy Medical Director for England.

The government-funded campaign includes footage showing how coronavirus can build up in an enclosed space where an infected person is talking to someone else, linger in the air, and then be transmitted to someone else. The Department of Health and Social Care (Department of Health and Welfare) has decided to start this campaign after a survey conducted on a sample of 3,000 Brits found that 64 per cent of citizens do not know that ventilation helps limit the spread of Covid and only 29 percent do so when visitors come to their homes. Experts hope that this initiative will push the population to regularly ventilate their houses, especially in view of the holidays that risk further increasing infections.

“Small but important actions can help protect us from Covid-19. Getting vaccinated, wearing a face cover indoors, and regularly testing for Covid-19 all make an important difference, but it’s also crucial not to overlook the value of ventilation, “Waite said. The doctor added that” with winter fast approaching and people spending more time indoors, it is vital that everyone understands the importance of opening windows regularly. ” for only a few minutes “to keep the air moving and prevent infections,” the Guardian reports.

Doctor Chaand Nagpaul, the leader of the British Medical Association, said he was in favor of the campaign but added that this alone is not enough and that it is important that the government establish “explicit standards for ventilation in public spaces, including the appropriate use of CO2 monitors to assess adequate levels of ventilation. “. Furthermore “there should also be resources and guidelines for businesses so that they can implement the changes”.


Open windows minutes day measure increase Covid infections

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