Germany, record of cases: almost 34 thousand. For the WHO, Europe returns to the “epicenter” of Covid: the resumption of infections from the East to Belgium

Germany, record of cases: almost 34 thousand. For the WHO, Europe returns to the “epicenter” of Covid: the resumption of infections from the East to Belgium
Germany, record of cases: almost 34 thousand. For the WHO, Europe returns to the “epicenter” of Covid: the resumption of infections from the East to Belgium

The record of infections since the beginning of the pandemic: the fourth wave of coronavirus in Germany it has already exceeded the worst recorded last winter in terms of the number of new cases in one day. The Robert Koch Institute has registered 33,949 positives in 24 hours, plus 169 dead. The increase in infections among the Germans is only the latest sign of a return of Covid in Europe, so much so that the WHO does not hide its concern: “We are, again, atepicenter“Of the pandemic, said the director for Europe, Hans Kluge. The World Health Organization with the term Europe includes 53 countries, including several Central Asian countries. But the continuous increase in cases is not just about Russia e Turkey, because it has extended to the countries ofEast members of the European Union, as well as al UK. And now the situation is also critical in Germany.

A situation that emerges visually from the new one map dell’Ecdc, which takes into account the cases of positivity recorded in the last two weeks in relation to the population, but also of the rate of positivity. The dark red, color that indicates areas with strong recovery of contagions, it now covers Ireland, Belgium, many regions Dutch, the Baltics and the part central-eastern of the continent, including German regions. WHO fears above all at the pace at which the pandemic has started to spread again in Europe, estimating that between now and February it will register another half a million dead in the Old Continent if the current trend should continue. In the map of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control the Scandinavia for now it remains mainly in orange, while France, Portugal and in Italy they are in yellow. However, the Italian regions in verde: Liguria, the Province of Trento, Umbria, Abruzzo and Puglia are also back in yellow. They remain in the lower range Lombardy, Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Sardinia, Molise and Basilicata.

The Koch Institut recorded the new absolute peak of daily cases since the start of the pandemic, since the maximum number had previously been 33.777 last December 18th. For now, the difference is made vaccinations: the indicator on hospitalizations, which detects the load of terapie intensive out of 100 thousand inhabitants, it is in fact stopped at 3,62, definitely far from the record set last Christmas when he scored 15,5. In Germany however only the 66% of the inhabitants are vaccinated: it means that a third of the 83 million Germans are not protected against Covid, to which is added a campaign on third doses which for now is proceeding slowly.

However, the German situation is only the latest alarm bell. In Russia yet another new record of deaths has been recorded: they are 1.195 i dead in the last 24 hours. The new infections today are 40.217 (yesterday, they were 40,443). The measures to contain the crisis – paid non-work days – have not been effective and will not be extended. They no longer make a fuss, but continue to grow, even the numbers of the UK: Wednesday recorded 41,299 new cases, up from 33,865 on Tuesday. The deaths were instead 217, respect to 293 of the day before.

According to the mathematician’s analysis Giovanni Sebastiani, of the Institute for the Applications of Computing “M. Picone”, of the National Research Council, the growth of cases in Europe, however, begins to show skid marks: “Even the block of states since Baltic Sea al Black Sea, with growing infections, it is in a phase of reduction ”. According to Sebastiani, we still need to “attention because there are cases, like the Slovenia and theUkraine, where the situation has changed in recent days from a slowdown in growth to acceleration of growth “.

Here is below the incidence in European countries, ie the number of positive cases in the last seven days for 100mila inhabitants: United Kingdom (467), Holland (449), Montenegro (431), Ukraine (429), Lithuania (417), Romania (412), Ireland (411), Estonia (409), Austria (407), Serbia (391 ), Greece (354), Latvia (350), Czech Republic (338), Moldova (333), Bulgaria (315), Turkey (308), Denmark (299), Slovenia (294), Germany (281), Croatia ( 275), Russia (264), Slovakia (247), Hungary (219), Bosnia and Belarus (209), Norway (202), Poland (198), Macedonia (192), Iceland (184), Albania (179), Switzerland (145), Luxembourg (127), Finland (110), Sweden (85), France (78), Portugal (74), Belgium and Italy (71), Spain (39), Kosovo (10).

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