“He slept in the audience without a mask”: storm on Boris Johnson

“He slept in the audience without a mask”: storm on Boris Johnson
“He slept in the audience without a mask”: storm on Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson he ended up in the storm for a photo that apparently immortalizes him while “he is sleeping in the plateau“during the Cop26 international climate summit in Glasgow. The premier appears without a mask and with his eyes closed, as if he were just falling asleep.

In the shot, Johnson is seated face uncovered between the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gutesses, positioned to the right of the Tory exponent, and the 95-year-old Sir David Attenborough, a well-known British scientific scientist and naturalist. The offending photo immediately went around the web, going viral and unleashing caustic ironies and mocking memes, but also harsh criticism of the prime minister. The Downing Street tenant was in fact blamed on social media for taking off his anti-Covid mask in an enclosed space before falling victim to fatigue. The Labor opposition also attacked the prime minister for that photo, with Congresswoman Anna McMorrin accusing the prime minister for sitting without a mask next to 95-year-old Attenborough: “It is one thing to show how little you care, but quite another to sit next to 95-year-old David Attenborough and not wear a mask“.

Johnson’s staff immediately tried to dampen the controversy and defend the premier denying that the latter had then dozed off and declared: “What is circulating is a photo, in which the prime minister is seen with his eyes closed. In the other images he always has his eyes open“The truth about that shot will not be known soon, since, at the moment, there are no videos in which it is possible to certify whether the conservative politician was really dozing off. The criticisms and teasing towards His Majesty’s premier continue however. to flood the network.


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