Germany, Bavaria introduces the traffic light to stop the fourth wave: with the “red” comes the obligation to green pass in the workplace

Germany, Bavaria introduces the traffic light to stop the fourth wave: with the “red” comes the obligation to green pass in the workplace
Germany, Bavaria introduces the traffic light to stop the fourth wave: with the “red” comes the obligation to green pass in the workplace

A squeeze on the Austrian model, with a system “a stoplight“Which regulates the restrictions based on the number of beds occupied in intensive care: if you get to the “rosso“, The obligation to green pass also on workplaces. Germany has been overwhelmed by the fourth wave of Covid: while the federal government expresses its concern but still latent on the measures to be taken, Bavaria has decided not to wait any longer. Prime Minister Wednesday Markus Söder (Csu) announced that in the face of the drastic increase in infections, a tightening of the measures. The strength of the restrictions will depend on the progress of the pandemic: the sooner they will return Ffp2 bezels and the obligation to molecular buffers, but if the situation worsens it will also lead to the extension of the green pass and the introduction of the rule 2G (only vaccinated and cured).

“It’s a pandemic of not vaccinated“: Söder used the same words of the Minister of Health, Jens Spahn. In Bavaria, the weekly incidence peak was reached over the weekend since the start of the pandemic. Even today (Wednesday) they are recorded 228.4 almost every 100 thousand inhabitants. The hospital emergency also affects the southernmost Land of Germany, where there is a shortage of beds in intensive care. About the 90% of people hospitalized for Covid it is not vaccinated. The city of Rosenheim and the entire district of the Lower Bavaria they have already introduced restrictive measures due to the situation in the resuscitation wards.

Now, announced Söder, the hospital traffic light becomes the compass for facing the fourth wave in Bavaria. As long as the alert level remains “verde“, The current rules apply. The traffic light becomes “yellow”When in all of Bavaria there are more than 450 beds ICU busy. The obligation to use the Ffp2 bezels. Not only that, in places where the 3G rule (our green pass) was previously mandatory, we switch to 3G plus rule. What changes? To obtain the green certificate – if you are not vaccinated or cured – the quick swab is no longer enough but you must necessarily have the molecular buffer. This concerns, for example, sporting or cultural events. In the discos e in night clubsinstead, the introduction of the 2G rule is evaluated: in practice, only those who are vaccinated or cured enter.

When the number of beds occupied in intensive care exceeds threshold 600, the traffic light becomes “rosso“. And the 2G rule, which used to be a hypothesis restricted in a few situations, it is significantly extended, explained Söder. In catering take the 3G-plus (the green pass but only with molecular buffer). But the big news concerns the workplaces, where the obligation to show the green certificate (it is considered to limit it to cases where there are more than 10 people in a room). These rules are applied at the regional level if the traffic light is “red”, but they can come into effect even earlier if in a district the weekly incidence exceeds 300 cases per week per 100 thousand inhabitants and if the intensive care occupation reaches80 percent. A condition that already affects 27 districts, Söder specified.

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