“Live like you? As a libertine”. And the shock sound of the Bataclan appears

“Live like you? As a libertine”. And the shock sound of the Bataclan appears
“Live like you? As a libertine”. And the shock sound of the Bataclan appears

Living as a Westerner means living as a libertine“It is the terrorist who says it Salah Abdelsam, one of the authors of the massacre al Bataclan, which took place on November 13, 2015. Before the judges of the Court of Assizes in Paris, the jihadist explains the reasons why he renounced the project of a family: “for something bigger, what I am criticized for today“. The audio shock of the slaughter also appears in the classroom:”The first he gets up, I shoot“.

“Westerners? Libertines”

Wrong Adelsam, terrorist French of Moroccan origins naturalized Belgian, does not back down: “Living as a Westerner means living as a libertine“, he affirms with a solemn tone in front of the Parisian judges. He tells of his past as”good student, loved by teachers“and his conversion to radical Islam. Six years after the massacre that killed 90 young people, including the Italian Valeria Solesin, the terrorist shows no signs of repentance:”Living as a libertine means living without worrying about God, – explains – do what you want, eat what you want, drink what you want“. He denies having been a regular cannabis user by claiming to have used it.”just as a hobby, a joint every now and then on weekends“. In prison he reads a lot and stopped playing chess because”it is prohibited by Islam“, he reiterates several times.

The shocking audio of the Bataclan massacre

This morning, before the judges of the Court of Assizes of Paris, theshock audio of the massacre. As the newspaper La Stampa explains well, it is a short recording – recovered from a dictaphone that remained on during the attack – which delivers all the horror of the Bataclan massacre to the collective memory. “The first to get up, I shoot“shouts one of the jihaists from the stage before opening fire on the crowd. The voices of the bombers claiming the attack can be clearly discerned on the tape.”for Syria and Iraq“, who take it out on the former president Francois Hollande and the bombings”of French and American soldiers“. “We are bombing the earth now, we don’t need planes“. And then the threats:”The first to get up I shoot him a bullet in the head. It’s clear? Who tries to be an executioner I’ll kill him, do you understand?“. Finally the thud of the shots and the”noise of an explosion“, that of the explosive belt of the Algerian kamikaze Samy Amimour.

The mother of an attacker on trial

In the meantime, there has also been put on trial mother of one of the bombers. This is Fatima Hajji, 53, under investigation for “financing of terrorism” e “terrorist association“. According to the indictment, he financed his son and girlfriend between 2014 and 2015 after the announcement that”she would have died as a martyr“. Foued Mohamed Aggad then returned to France in 2015 to follow up on the criminal plan.


Live libertine shock sound Bataclan appears

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