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Cop26, methane and pollution, that’s why emissions must be reduced

02 November 2021 17:57

It is estimated to be the most harmful gas for the greenhouse effect, with a concentration of 1.9 parts per million. In the lead for its production the industry for fossil fuels, followed by landfills and agriculture

To date they are released into the atmosphere each year approximately 380 million tons of methane, mainly coming from the fossil fuel industry, waste landfills and the agricultural sector. This gas has reached record levels of concentration in the atmosphere, nearly 1.9 parts per million. For comparison, CO2 has been steadily above 400 parts per million for some years, remembering, however, that methane has a much greater impact on the greenhouse effect.

Come emerges from the report one of the objectives to be achieved is to reduce anthropogenic emissions of methane by 45% by 2030, thus saving around 180 million tons of methane per year. A reduction of this magnitude would save an increase in global temperature of 0.3 ° C by 2045 and in terms of health and social costs, it would be equivalent to prevent 260,000 premature deaths worldwide. In addition to interventions in critical sectors, other measures such as the transition to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency will also contribute to the reduction of methane emissions.


Cop26 methane pollution emissions reduced

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