Horror aggression: crocodile grabs 12 year old and drags him into the water

Horror aggression: crocodile grabs 12 year old and drags him into the water
Horror aggression: crocodile grabs 12 year old and drags him into the water

A 12-year-old student, Charlie Buhl from Philadelphia, proved to have a sense of humor: the American in fact dressed up as a crocodile for Halloween. The idea is no coincidence: last summer Charlie was attacked by a reptile and nearly lost a leg.

The student recounts the attack on his blog while on vacation in Mexico. Together with his friends he was playing hide and seek that evening of June 18 in a holiday resort a stone’s throw from the famous Club Med Yucatan in Cancun. Charlie and a friend had climbed a ladder near a lagoon: suddenly a ten-foot-long crocodile grabbed him by the leg and dragged him under the water. “The animal was so strong, there was nothing I could do,” the boy said in an interview with a US newspaper. It looked like someone was stabbing “my leg”.

Her mother Jennifer heard her son screams in pain and rushed to help him. “Charlie was trying to reach the stairs to pull himself up, but he couldn’t.” A lifeguard on duty and some guests of the resort were able to intervene in the moments in which the drama took place, tearing it away from the jaws of the animal. The group jumped into the water to help and hit the reptile with punches and kicks. A man covered the crocodile’s eyes with a pillow and only then did the animal let its victim go.

One of the aides that evening was Nurse Adrian, who works in a hospital emergency room. For her, Adrian was “the greatest gift and the savior of the evening,” says Jennifer Buhl. In the dramatic moment, the paramedic acted “calmly, precisely and without emotion”. “She just focused on doing what she had to do.” After about 30 minutes, Charlie was taken to a local hospital. Doctors initially said the injured boy would lose his leg. Only in mid-July, after several weeks of treatment and interventions, did the family manage to return home.

Charlie’s mother is now proud of her son’s courage. “There is no guarantee that he can run, jump and play football again,” he writes on the family blog. Charlie still has a long way to go to fully recover. “But he firmly believes in it.” Jennifer said Club Méditerranée paid 100% of the family’s medical bills. In an interview with PEOPLE, a US weekly magazine, a Club Med spokesperson said: “We are shocked. Nothing like this had ever happened here in so many years of activity… ..we will continue to provide assistance to the family ”. Club Med Cancun Yucatan has since taken preventive measures, including installing warning signs, lights and “taller shielding” to prevent further attacks, the spokesperson said.

“The crocodile is among the animals considered to be the most dangerous for man – emphasizes Giovanni D’Agata, president of the Rights Desk – We always forget that in the conflict between man and animal we are the provocateurs. Reptiles are aggressive only towards those who invade their habitat; in recent decades, cities have been expanding and human settlements are getting closer and closer to areas that were once the kingdom of nature. Crocodiles are the natural scavengers of our waterways and keep the ecosystem intact by staying in the fishing grounds. But when food is scarce they come to the surface and attack humans ”.


Horror aggression crocodile grabs year drags water

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