«Christmas 2021 without restrictions. Third dose to teachers »- Corriere.it

«Christmas 2021 without restrictions. Third dose to teachers »- Corriere.it
«Christmas 2021 without restrictions. Third dose to teachers »- Corriere.it
from Margherita De Bac

The Undersecretary of Health: «We will have a free Christmas thanks to the Green pass. Teachers take risks like doctors because they work in high-risk environments “

He agrees with Minister Patrizio Bianchi,

Pier Paolo Sileri. Like the owner of the Education, the Undersecretary of Health believes it is right to open to school staff “a fast track to receive the third dose”.

Give them a high priority?

“It was done for health professionals and how their teachers and school operators work in high-risk environments, in contact with young people who are not immunized under the age of 12 as the vaccine for their age is not yet available”.

So would you add school employees to the high priority categories?

«Certainly, always respecting however the six months that must elapse between the second and third dose

There is no scientific evidence that it is necessary to anticipate. We take into account that most of the staff completed their cycle in the summer (90% with AstraZeneca) so there is still some time left. A decision has not been taken, it is being discussed (read the controversy of the past few months here) ».

How is the trend of the epidemic assessed in light of the rise in cases?

“It was expected and the no vax demonstrations in Trieste, where there has been a surge in hospitalizations, have not helped. We also knew that young people under 20, who absorb 23% of new infections, would represent a margin of risk. In addition to catching the virus, they take it home. We hope to have the vaccine for this age group as soon as possible, which has just been cleared by the American FDA and not yet by the European agency Ema. A trend not even remotely comparable to that of the United Kingdom ».

“The obligation of green pass pushes to swab and so there is a sieving action that allows us to intercept positive cases that would have remained submerged “

It foresees a “white” Christmas, without it
the restrictions that characterized that of 2020 when the situation was certainly very different?

«Yes, we will have a free Christmas. The cases will continue to grow a little more. Thanks to the green card, we will not be restricted “

The not yet vaccinated are counting heavily on the abolition of the green passport. Do they have any hope?

“Absolutely not. It is premature to speak of a lightening or even the abolition of green pass. The threshold of 90% of the vaccinated has not been reached and there are at least other reasons ».

“We just remarked that. Cases are on the rise. The transmissibility index based on symptomatic cases is increasing and that based on hospital admissions has exceeded the epidemic threshold ».

«The over 50s completely uncovered, without even a dose, are about 2,731 thousand and I am not optimistic about being able to recover them, despite the awareness campaigns. The only resource are family doctors and door-to-door persuasion ».

«The administration of the third dose is in progress, just begun. The so-called booster calls, to health workers and over 60 to be clear, are about 1 million and 305 thousand. Those additional, to immunosuppressed and fragile, 262 thousand ».

How many immigrants are there with a green pass?

«Last month there were 45,326 green passports downloaded by people in possession of the card for temporarily residing foreigners, issued to those who do not have a residence permit. They have doubled since mid-September and we expect a new increase this month ».

I without a residence permit there are 500 thousand, most of them without an identity document and 80 thousand asylum seekers awaiting a response. How to secure this multitude?

“We rely heavily on the collaboration of associations.”

When will the second dose be decided for the approximately 1,600,000 Italians who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine initially credited as single-dose?

“The decision is imminent. I understand that the technical bodies are oriented to provide for a booster with an mRNA vaccine, most likely at least two months after the only injection. We are on time since these people got immunized between April and May (read here how the J&J vaccine was announced) ».

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