Canton Ticino, falls from a height of one and a half meters and bangs his head: a serious Italian worker

Shortly after 7.30 this morning, October 27, there was an accident at work at a construction company in via alla Stampa in Cadro (Lugano). According to an initial reconstruction and for reasons that the police investigation will have to establish, a 59-year-old Italian worker residing in the Blenio Valley while he was recovering tiles from a shelf fell from a height of about 1.5 meters, hitting his head . On the spot, in addition to agents of the Cantonal Police and, in support, of the City of Lugano Police, the rescuers of the Green Cross of Lugano intervened, who after having given the first treatment to the man transported him by ambulance to the hospital. Based on an initial medical evaluation, the 59-year-old sustained serious, life-threatening injuries.


Canton Ticino falls height meters bangs Italian worker

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