I have given ‘suicide powder’ to over 100 people

Everyone must have the right to die when he feels his time has come, and if he asks for help from someone it is right to give it to him. With this motivation, a Dutch psychologist said he helped over 100 people to take their own lives by providing them with “suicide powder”. Wim van Dijk himself told the story in an interview with the newspaper De Volkskrant, in an attempt to provoke a debate on the Dutch laws on assisted death.

The 78-year-old psychologist said he wasn’t worried about ending up in jail. “I am aware of the consequences of my story. I don’t care,” he said, explaining that he wants the social unrest to get so big that the judiciary can’t ignore it. I don’t really care if they arrest me or put me in jail. something happens “. In the Netherlands the right to assisted suicide was introduced by law in 2002 but only under certain conditions, under strict medical supervision and for the terminally ill or suffering from unbearable pain.

Van Dijk is a member of the Last Will Cooperative, which campaigns for more liberal legislation and revealed that he suggested people attending the organization’s meetings to stay after the debate ended so he could sell them the drug. for 50 euros. In the interview, Van Dijk talks about how he got involved in the campaign after his wife died with senile dementia, an experience that would have convinced him that under certain conditions it is better to take one’s own life. “I am openly saying what I have done and I urge others to do the same”, he continued, arguing that “civil disobedience is a legitimate means to achieve a legitimate goal”.

As reported by DutchNews.nl, van Dijk says he bought suicide powder from Alex S, who was detained in August on suspicion of selling the poison to dozens of people, including at least six who later died, and is now al center of a police investigation. Last month, the president of Cooperatie Laatse Wil, Jos van Wijk, was arrested and detained for a day, on suspicion of involvement in a criminal organization whose purpose is to aid in suicides and last Friday two other members of the organization were arrested as part of a police investigation into illegal assisted suicides: a 72-year-old woman from Amerfoort and a 78-year-old man from Den Bosch.


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