Great Britain, after the cases of “needle-spiking” women boycott nightclubs to ask for more security –

Great Britain, after the cases of “needle-spiking” women boycott nightclubs to ask for more security –
Great Britain, after the cases of “needle-spiking” women boycott nightclubs to ask for more security –
from Paola De Carolis

Over 40 girls and boys were drugged in the nightclub with an injection. The reports prompted those enrolled in various universities across the country to call an evening strike to protest the sense of insecurity

A protest boycott that involved more than 40 universities in the United Kingdom: if the new and disturbing phenomenon of needle-spiking is taking place in the nightclubs, or the administering sleeping pills and other substances by injection to unsuspecting victims, the young women of the country have responded with a movement that is finding more and more members on a national scale. One evening strike: one day a week we stay at home to remember that women have the right to go out without fearing for their own safety.

Starting from Edinburgh, the initiative came to Durham, Exeter, Cambridge, Oxford, Hull, Newscastle and many other towns to demonstrate that the female population – and not only – is tired of the sense of insecurity that reigns on the streets and in the clubs of the country. In the wake of the London murders of Sarah Everard, the 33-year-old kidnapped, raped and killed by a police officer in March, and Sabina Nessa, the 28-year-old teacher shot a few meters from her home, the cases of needle-spiking, moreover not a few or isolated ones, triggered an immediate mobilization. Between Manchester, Nottingham e Birmingham there are about 40 complaints received by the police.

In Nottingham they have been Two men aged 18 and 19 arrested, while the testimonies of girls who went out in the evening and then wake up in pain and with memory lapses in the hospital or at home highlight distressing realities. Like that of Zara Owen, 19 years old, who the next morning discovered that he had a tiny and very painful puncture on his leg evidently created by a needle. “I don’t remember anything”, he specified, underlining that this is one of the most disturbing aspects of his ordeal. “I didn’t notice anything and they could have done anything to me.”

The appeal to the universities and schools of the country is now that of go out in a group, so that if one is feeling bad, friends can be of assistance. As after the Sarah Everard case, when the Metropolitan Police released a series of precautions for women walking around alone, the question is though. why this umpteenth demonstration of human violence should correspond to a greater attention of the victims and not to a new attitude on the part of the other half of the population. Meanwhile, 167,000 signatures have been collected to make it necessary to search those who enter nightclubs, while several influencers on social media have adopted the cause, such as Nia Gallagherm, who reminded her 292,000 followers that someone “corrected” the drink in a bar when he was 18, adding one of the so-called rape drugs. She managed to go home, she was not attacked, but the experience left her traumatized and it took her weeks to recover.

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