Padua, road accident in Bulgaria: 5-month-old girl dies

Padua, road accident in Bulgaria: 5-month-old girl dies
Padua, road accident in Bulgaria: 5-month-old girl dies

Little Saliha Mavigok

She would have been five months on Monday but the baby Saliha Mavigok, daughter of a Romanian woman and a Turkish man living in San Giorgio in Bosco (Padua), died in a traffic accident in Bulgaria, where he was traveling with his family. The tragedy on the morning of October 23 around 8, along the Elhovo ring road, 1,500 kilometers from Padua. The couple with the child and the two-year-old son were on board an SUV, traveling between Romania and Turkey, when a truck invaded their lane and crashed into their off-road vehicle. Which is crumpled in the front. Unfortunately, the newborn did not survive. Mother Georgiana Stefan, 28, and little David, both with serious trauma, had been rushed by rescuers to the Siven hospital, where they were in danger of life for 48 hours. The woman is still hospitalized in intensive care while the conditions of the firstborn are improving. Only a few bruises instead for the head of the family, Mehmet Mavigok, 44, owner of the kebap (with the “p” as it is used in Istanbul) along the Valsugana provincial road in San Giorgio in Bosco.

The incident in the images of the local TV Btv
The condolences of the community

As for the truck driver who caused the crash, a sixty-year-old Turkish, he is tested negative on drug and alcohol tests and was detained for one day then, at the behest of the Yambol District Court, he was placed in permanent detention, the most serious measure for road homicide which in Bulgaria is punishable by up to fifteen years in prison. Now that the news has reached San Giorgio in Bosco there is a whole community, with the mayor Nicola Pettenuzzo, who mourns the little Silven (“virtuous” the meaning) and who tightens around the couple. The father would like to be able to transfer his wife and son to the hospital in Cittadella – and the mayor is also interested in this – but we will have to wait before their conditions stabilize.

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Padua road accident Bulgaria #5monthold girl dies

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