Cavaliere confesses health problems, that’s who he is

Let’s see together the unexpected confession made directly by a beloved knight of the Men and Women program, about her health.

Men and women: the knight and the confession about his health

As we know the program afternoon that promises to find love, led by Maria De Filippi it is always very popular, and full of knights and ladies.

But very recently one of them confessed to having problems related to your health, we try to better understand what is happening.

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Let’s start by saying that in recent weeks he is one of the riders most at the center of attention due to a particular knowledge.

The knight confesses the health problem

In fact, we are talking about Marcello Messina, that he had way to start dating the beautiful Ida Platano.

He recently opened his heart and he confessed on the pages of the magazine Men and Women Megazine, revealing a very private detail.

Marcello, in fact stated that has had health problems caused by a congenital malformation that has scars on him.

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When Ida decided to stop dating Marcello, let’s say she wasn’t very kind towards him.

It has indeed given of the clumsy and as he himself declared, his requests were not respected.

Ida went on to say that most men would rather go upstairs than take a walk with her.

Ma Marcello then promptly replied that it happens, it takes more than one meeting to create a harmony.

Obviously their acquaintance ended after these squabbles, as it was easy to imagine.

The knight misses being able to feel the butterflies in his stomach and feel that beautiful feeling, but he has decided that he will strive to find it.

U&D: Cavaliere confesses health problems, that's who it is
Here is Marcello who started dating Ida Platano but who stopped shortly after

He hopes to find love soon with a sunny woman and that it will make him feel good, without hurting him something.

And you were you aware of this particular health problem that the knight Marcello Messina had to face in the past? And what do you think of the quarrel he had with Ida Platano?

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