Drugged in the disco with an injection behind them: it’s “needle spiking” alarm

Drugged in the disco with an injection behind them: it’s “needle spiking” alarm
Drugged in the disco with an injection behind them: it’s “needle spiking” alarm

A new danger for young people would circulate in dance club: it is called “Needle Spiking” (literally “the point of the needle”) and would be of great concern to Great Britain. Enough to start a petition that asks“It becomes a legal requirement to search anyone who enters a nightclub”, which at the moment has already exceeded 165 thousand signatures.

A new alarm in the disco and nightclubs

The victims would be of both sexes, although with a majority among the girls who frequent the discotheque and nightclubs. The chosen victim, without her realizing, is given one injection of sleeping pills, drugs or rape drugs. There are currently many complaints across the UK, with particularly serious cases in Manchester, Edinburgh and Nottingham. Precisely for this reason, the Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, asked for an update from the police. Yvette Cooper, chair of the internal affairs select committee, urged the police force to work more closely with hospitals, student groups and nightclubs to get a more complete picture of the scope of spiking. Cases and reports would be increasing day by day.

An 18-year-old college freshman, Lizzie Wilson, was hanging out with three friends at a nightclub in Nottingham last week when suddenly, as she told The New York Times, she felt like a sting. in the back: “Intense pain in the back, like a pinch or insect bite.” After about ten minutes she could not stand up, to the point that her friends decided to accompany her to the emergency room, where the 18-year-old stayed for a few hours in confusional state. Without even having the sensation in the legs. Once she came to her senses she confessed that she had “So much fear, no one deserves an experience like this”. He further added: “I couldn’t control anything.”

Victim: “I remember absolutely nothing”

But Lizzie is not the only girl to have felt this sensation, there are dozens of them victims, students, high school students, young university students or professionals who have reported the same terrible experience to the police. However, not all of them had a company of friends ready to help them, and some woke up in the hospital, at home or even at the station. Kitty, a student in Manchester, found a very small injection mark on her arm the next morning and said:“I don’t remember anything at all. I don’t know what happened to me ”.

A second-year student at Loughborough University said she was injected in the elbow in a student union bar: “I just remember having the dizziness and of having collapsed in the smoking area “. She then said that a doctor later confirmed that she had been injected and went to the hospital for monitoring after experiencing heart palpitations. After these events, 50 universities have decided to call a weekly strike demanding that women not go to nightclubs and discos on Wednesdays. The campaign originated in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, and quickly reached the rest of the country.

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