we will defend Taiwan from China- Corriere.it

we will defend Taiwan from China- Corriere.it
we will defend Taiwan from China- Corriere.it

Setback for the United States after the Beijing showdown with the launch of the Long March vector

“In the event of an attack from China, we will defend Taiwan. We have a commitment to do so ”: the American president, Joe Biden, assured him during the town hall in Baltimore. The words of the US leader came a few hours after the news of the setback in the race for hypersonic missiles
which risks leaving the United States behind China and Russia. The Pentagon has indeed admitted the failure of the last test in Alaska. The launch was compromised by the malfunction of the rocket used to bring the missile beyond the speed of sound. In recent weeks, the tests carried out by Moscow and Beijing respectively with hypersonic missiles called Moscow Zircon and Long March had ended with success.

The news of the bankruptcy arrives in a very delicate moment with regard to the US strategies towards China.The Taiwan issue, with Beijing insisting on regaining control of the island
, has in fact alarmed the White House, which according to the latest revelations would have decided to open a new section of the CIA to keep the Asian country’s moves under control. US analysts’ concern increased with the Long March hypersonic missile test, which would have surprised US intelligence, which did not expect such rapid progress. Hypersonic vectors, along with laser weapons and robot soldiers, represent some of the technological challenges Washington is investing in to keep national armaments in step with the times and above all able to contain the potential threat of the other great powers, starting with China.

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