Another blue slap to England: now it’s overtaking

Another blue slap to England: now it’s overtaking
Another blue slap to England: now it’s overtaking

Now the official has also arrived. After the last stop for the Nationals, which saw the dispute of the Nations League finals, theItaly passed theEngland in the Fifa ranking, reaching the fourth post of the ranking.

An important step forward, considering that this special ranking has not only a statistical value but is one of the criteria that are taken into consideration for the draw for the group stage of the next World Cup in Qatar. The Azzurri of Roberto Mancini now boast 1750.12 points, against the 1750.16 points of the National team led by Southgate. Great leap also for the France thanks to the victory in the Nations League: the transalpines fly to the podium with 1779.24 points (earned over 24 points compared to the previous ranking).

All variations

In the first place remains the Belgium, with 1832.33 points, approached by the Brazil with 1820.36 points. Neymar and his teammates failed to defeat Colombia in the qualifying race for Qatar 2022, a success that would have brought them closer to Red Devils. The rivals of Argentina, on the other hand, remain stable in sixth place. Immediately behind in seventh place, the overtaking of the Spain at the expense of Portugal, obtained thanks to the victory over Italy in the Nations League. Mexico and Denmark close the top ten. Out of the top ten but still briefly there Germany twelfth, who overtook the USA after the last convincing performances and is preparing to be one of the sure protagonists of the next World Cup in Qatar.

It is in the lower part of the ranking, however, that we find the most significant movements. To earn the best leap in quality, climbing ten positions, were New Zeland and Indonesia. Behind them also the Central African Republic and Cambodia, respectively with nine and eight places. Also stand out theSaudi Arabia and South Africa, which climb seven steps thanks to two victories this month while Morocco, Russia and Egypt conquer four positions.

Therefore numerous changes in the ranking after the last matches, played in the four continents. Between friendlies, Nations League Finals and AI qualifiers World Cup 2022, over 160 matches have been played in the last period and this can only have had an effect on the official ranking. If October was a hot month for the national teams, perhaps November risks being even more so.

The Top 10

1) Belgium – 1832.33 points
2) Brazil – 1820.36 points
3) France – 1779.24 points (+1)
4) Italy – 1750.52 (+1)
5) England – 1750.16 (-2)
6) Argentina – 1738,79
7) Spain – 1687.66 (+1)
8) Portugal – 1681.73 (-1)
9) Mexico – 1672.92
10) Denmark – 1668.98.

Belgium in first and Brazil in second in the October ranking of FIFA. rankingfifa

— Flavio Prado (@flaviopradojpgz) October 20, 2021

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