Urology, a Licatese doctor at the head of the section of the European association

Important recognition for the Licatese doctor Angelo Territo, urologist of the “Fundació Puigvert” university hospital in Barcelona. The professional was in fact appointed director of the “Kidney Transplant” group of Yau, Young academic urologists, or the section of young academic urologists of the European Association of Urology.

The group was born in July 2021 and was promoted by Territo, bringing together young people under 40 who are experts in the field of kidney transplantation, with an impeccable scientific curriculum and coming from all over Europe.

“As a urologist surgeon also dedicated to kidney transplants, I am deeply proud to chair and coordinate this group of excellence from all over Europe, with remarkable surgical skills and a strong dedication to scientific research. Among the main objectives of the group is that of combining our surgical activity with scientific research which, wisely used, translates into a benefit for patients suffering from chronic renal insufficiency (on dialysis or pre-dialysis) to undergo a transplant. kidney (from a cadaver or living donor). That is, to emphasize the concept of scientific activity used to improve patient care “.


Urology Licatese doctor section European association

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