The Taliban behead a player of the youth volleyball team – Foreign

The Taliban behead a player of the youth volleyball team – Foreign
The Taliban behead a player of the youth volleyball team – Foreign

Kabul – While in Moscow Russia and China are ready to clear customs the new masters of Afghanistan – albeit with a view to stabilizing the country – at home the climb to the top of horror makes another leap. A player of the Afghan Youth Volleyball Team, Mahjubin Hakimi, was beheaded by the Taliban in Kabul. According to the Indian media, he was reported to the Persian Independent by one of his coaches, identified for security reasons with the pseudonym Suraya Afzali. The girl was allegedly murdered in early October, but the news was not disclosed by the family members for fear of reprisals.

According to the coach, the circumstances of the killing of the sportswoman were known only to family members. Before the self-styled Koranic students came to power, the media specified, the volleyball player played for the municipal team of the Afghan capital. Of the players of the youth national team, added the coach, only two managed to escape abroad, while all the others “were forced to flee and hide” and the attempts to find “help from international organizations and countries were unsuccessful”.

In the past few weeks, one thirty athletes of the national volleyball team of Afghanistan had already said they feared violence and reprisals by the Taliban for their sporting activity, asking the international community to help them leave the country. Some of their companions who had instead managed to escape had reported the killing in August of another player of the team with a pistol shot.

At the time of the collapse of the Ghani government, Hakimi played for the Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club. Azfali explained that since the coup d’état last August the Taliban “have tried to identify the athletes; in particular those of the national volleyball team, which in the past competed in international competitions and appeared on TV”. Hakimi was among the many athletes left behind. Last week, Fifa and the Qatari government have instead, 100 female players successfully evacuated from Afghanistan, including some within the national team, and their families.

Meanwhile, in Moscow today all the participants in the summit with the Taliban expressed themselves in favor of release of frozen Afghanistan assets in foreign banks. This was announced by Amir Khan Muttaki, head of the Taliban foreign ministry, head of delegation from Kabul to the international summit hosted today by Russia. “All participating countries have spoken out in favor of the release of the assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, which, in fact, are of property of the Afghan people“said Muttaki. No mention of the heinous murder of the young athlete.

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Taliban behead player youth volleyball team Foreign

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