Covid, New York returns to normal: the Big Apple starts again thanks to the vaccinated. VIDEO

Covid, New York returns to normal: the Big Apple starts again thanks to the vaccinated. VIDEO
Covid, New York returns to normal: the Big Apple starts again thanks to the vaccinated. VIDEO

The rebirth of the city, hard hit by the pandemic with 1 million and 82 thousand infected and 34,400 victims, is driven by the immunization campaign and the obligations introduced by the mayor De Blasio. But the picture is not homogeneous – some citizens tell Sky TG24, with neighborhoods vaccinated at 94% and areas that stop just over 45%

The United States reopens its borders on November 8 to fully vaccinated international travelers, including Europeans. A sign of a restart strongly linked to the anti Covid immunization campaign, which in many areas of the country has given a push towards a return to normalcy. This is the case of New York – 9 million inhabitants, 1 million and 82 thousand infected, 34,400 victims -, marked by a pandemic that forced the city to build a field hospital in Central Park, to have a Navy ship to accommodate other sick people in front of Manhattan and turning refrigerated trucks into morgues. However, in the Big Apple, some New Yorkers tell Sky TG24, there is no shortage of inequalities when it comes to vaccines.

New York and vaccines

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When the vaccines arrived, in the middle of the shopping streets dotted with closed shops as thousands of people left the city to work from home and as many were unemployed, New Yorkers lined up. The initially low vaccination rate rose as the restrictions dropped. To give a new impetus to the immunization campaign, after establishing the vaccine obligation for municipal employees a month ago, Mayor Bill De Blasio extended it to anyone who entered a commercial establishment such as cinemas, gyms and restaurants, and the quota it immediately increased by 9%.

“Immunization has always been inhomogeneous”

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But as in all the United States, there are inequalities in New York too: for example, we go from 94% coverage of Sunset Park in Brooklyn, one of the most vaccinated neighborhoods in the city, to 47% of the neighboring Borough Park which instead has the most low vaccination rate throughout the city. “Immunization has always been inhomogeneous – Sam tells Sky TG24 – due to socio-economic conditions, skin color or, as in this case, religion which makes it a particularly closed and distrustful community”. Jonathan is in line for a test, he does not believe in vaccines and is waiting for the anti Covid pill. Yet with the vaccinations the city has reopened, the offices are back to populate, salaries and rents are growing again, people make so many purchases that they fear empty shelves well before Christmas and November, after a year and a half of absence. tourists will also return, at least those vaccinated.


Covid York returns normal Big Apple starts vaccinated VIDEO

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