the relationship with the King of the Zulu – Time

the relationship with the King of the Zulu – Time
the relationship with the King of the Zulu – Time

Charlène of Monaco let the Prince Albert for the King of the Zulu. His Serene Highness published on his Instagram account a double tribute to the South African royal family: two days ago he filmed a broadcast of the deceased re Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu di Zulu and today posted a silent, black and white video featuring His Majesty King Misuzulu kaZwelithini of the Zulu kingdom.

The caption reads: “Thank you for your kindness and support Bayede Nkosi” complete with a red heart and African songs in the background (the post has been edited twice, nda). A heart and a bolt from the blue: is it a testimony of affection or a deeper bond? The photo is the same appearance (in color) on the_african_royal_families account on October 5th and on which it was written: “Princess Charlene of Monaco is the closest European royal to the African people than any other. Born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, she was an Olympic swimmer representing her native South Africa. Although she is not black, she may be the first modern African to marry a European royal family. Speak isizulu ”.

Almost a coronation. Charlène Wittstock she went to South Africa in March for a campaign against poaching endangered rhinos, then contracted a severe ENT infection that forced her to four surgeries and a lengthy but unsatisfactory convalescence. His Foundation has made it known that the operation undergone in October was the last and it went very well but did not provide the date of the return ticket to Monte Carlo. It is assumed late October, but few bet to see it again at the Rocca for Halloween.

Also because the Princess, deeply in love with her homeland and in excellent relations with Misuzulu, has proposed herself as a mediator in the intricate and poisonous family feud for the succession to the throne (there is talk of a poisoning and a false will) which broke out. after the death of King Goodwill Zwelithini last May and whose funeral was attended by Alberto’s wife. A spokesperson for Charlène herself confirmed the initiative to the South African magazine “You”: “She is not a formal mediator, she is simply willing to help. He believes he can make a difference in a complicated family matter under the guidance of spiritual leaders ”.

A commitment that requires time and presence on site, a job that inevitably puts her husband and children Gabriella and Jacques in the background, reinforcing the rumors of a divorce with the Prince of Monaco.

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relationship King Zulu Time

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