images from the stable – Libero Quotidiano

images from the stable – Libero Quotidiano
images from the stable – Libero Quotidiano

A gruesome story that comes straight from the Florida, United States, where a lady, who suspected that there were intruders in her barn, installed a surveillance camera in that barn. But the videos offered her a disconcerting surprise: one of her employees, in fact, delighted in having sex with a horse.

The story is told by The Smoking Gun and translated by Dagospia. Catherine Engel, the owner of the house told police that last month, after having discovered rope marks on his horse’s neck, had decided to install the camera. And in the pictures here is his employee, Santiago Victoria, 57, enter the barn late at night, then invade a stable occupied by the horse Mariah and … have sex with the animal. The version was confirmed by the sheriff, with a report that adds really gory details.

Later, Ms. Engel identified Victoria as a suspect – the guy she worked for a welding company who park vehicles on the same property where the barn is located. Then, on Friday evening, the man was joined by the police, to whom the pervert confirmed that he had “sex with the horse”. Victoria was arrested on three counts of burglary. He was incarcerated in the county jail, where he is being held on bail of $ 75,000. In his past already another sentence.

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images stable Libero Quotidiano

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