Bad weather. But the Queen imitates Greta

Bad weather. But the Queen imitates Greta
Bad weather. But the Queen imitates Greta

Little Gretes grow up. In truth the last one has grown to the maximum, in fact it is Her Majesty Elizabeth II queen who, intercepted in an off-air, during a private conversation, denounced what the above-mentioned Greta claims. The queen was in Cardiff for the opening ceremony of the Welsh parliament and was exchanging thoughts and words with her daughter-in-law, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall and with Elin Jones, president of the Welsh parliament since 2016. The United Kingdom, at least so it is written in the sign, is fighting between the commercial and economic problems of Brexit but the climate is inside the things of the Windsor house.

Carlo has already committed himself over time in favor of radical interventions to react to atmospheric changes, but his son William has censored this constant desire to go to space, including perhaps ninety-year-old William Shatner, the Star Trek captain Kirk who has performed in recent days on the New Shepard developed by Blue Origin by Jeff Bezos: “We need some of the greatest brains and minds in the world willing to try to fix this planet, not to look for the next place to live.” Point and head.

A whisper, a murmur was enough to go to the head: “I heard about Cop … I don’t know who is coming yet” said the sovereign, alluding to Cop 26, the UN climate conference, this acronym stands for Conference of Parties, and the number indicates the 26th appointment of the 190 countries in the world.

The meeting will be held in Glasgow from 9 to 20 November and the queen has doubts about the results of the conference, reiterating the concept expressed by Greta: “It’s irritating, they talk, but then they don’t”. A compassionate smile then accompanied the comment on his nephew’s words, in the interview with the BBC Newscast podcast: “Yes, I read them.”

So the Windsors march alongside the Swedish activist, the Kingdom wants to let their subjects breathe pure air, also because in the last few hours the atmosphere has become heavy. A Tory MP, David Amess was also stabbed to death in a Methodist church in Essex. This is the real climate that worries the British.


Bad weather Queen imitates Greta

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