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Kenya lynched “the vampire” who drank the blood of his baby victims

Kenya lynched “the vampire” who drank the blood of his baby victims
Kenya lynched “the vampire” who drank the blood of his baby victims

A Kenyan serial killer known as “the vampire“He was lynched by mobs two days after escaping police. The victim’s name was Masten Wanjala, 20, and escaped from law enforcement custody Wednesday while waiting to appear before a magistrate. He was. was arrested last July on suspicion of being a multiple murderer of children and having raged on the corpses of the dead. The 20-year-old, after his arrest, had confessed to ten infanticides accused of him, adding gruesome details about his crimes: he drugged the children before killing them and, in some cases, “drank the blood“The suspect was collaborating with the Nairobi magistrates to direct investigators to the burial places of his victims.

Last Wednesday, however, Wanjala had escaped his captors and had lost track of him. Escaped from the Kenyan capital, the “vampire“he decided to hide from the investigators by taking refuge in his native village, in the Bungoma area, in the west of the country. Two days after his escape, the fugitive, however, received an absolutely hostile reception from his family members residing there. relatives of the 20-year-old did not in fact offer him any hiding place, eventually costing him to leave that location.

However, while the fugitive was looking for another shelter in the area, the villagers recognized him and, after a quick word of mouth and without informing the police, they hurled themselves en masse on him, lynching him. The local police, intervened at the site of the assault, found the death of the requested person, specifying that he would be “beaten savagely and then strangled to death“.

The victim’s family identified the body, although a police spokesperson explained to news agencies that Kenyan authorities are still carrying out checks to make sure the deceased is indeed Wanjala. The agents then announced that they are investigating to ascertain how “the vampire“managed to escape from police custody Wednesday and travel undisturbed from Nairobi to his village. Three police officers who were on duty Wednesday when the killer escaped are currently being charged with negligence, but there is a suspicion that they may have. helped to escape from the capital.


Kenya lynched vampire drank blood baby victims

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