WINTER 2021/22, NINA distorts the forecasts. We explain why it can be a different season »

WINTER 2021/22, NINA distorts the forecasts. We explain why it can be a different season »
WINTER 2021/22, NINA distorts the forecasts. We explain why it can be a different season »

Meteo: WINTER 2021/22, NINA distorts the forecast. We explain why it can be a Different Season

WINTER 2021/2022: Nina could affect the cold season, but there are doubtsThere is still about a month and a half to go before theWinter, however, thanks to the seasonal forecasts and some atmospheric indices we can already get a general idea of ​​what awaits us next season it may be different than in recent years. The phenomenon of Girl. Let’s take stock to understand of what it is about in order to make it clear and hypothesize one general trend for Italy.

The latest seasonal projections of the European Center (ECMWF) tend towards an early winter marked by thermal values above the reference climatic averages of about 1 / 1.5 ° C, in particular on the Northern European sector between Scandinavia and Russia (the cradle of cold), more on average on the Mediterranean basin.

But who is to blame for these thermal anomalies?

LA NINA and its CONSEQUENCES – In recent months a particular phenomenon has been taking place, called “la Girl“. This term indicates a temperature cooling surface waters of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean that frequently influences the climate of our Planet, with different reflections also in Europe and in Italy despite the fact that we are talking about an event that happens on the other side of the world.
And that’s exactly what’s happening, with values ​​of about 1 ° C below the reference climatic average. This anomaly, which might seem insignificant, instead involves an important change in the level of planetary atmospheric circulation.
Just to give some examples:
– some areas, such as Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines they see a increased rainfall, as well as the southernmost regions of Africa or the northern ones of Brazil.
– the monsoons are strengthening in southeast asiatico and onIndia
– on the contrary, the areas between Brazil southern e Argentina and the part of United States (drought and fires in California) overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

EFFECTS in ITALY – The consequences of this climate change taking place on the Pacific on our continent would concern in particular the precipitation, with an increase in perturbations descending from the North Atlantic especially in the first part of the season. On our mountains, therefore, the name it should not be missing, to the delight of winter sports lovers. But be careful, in case of cold air breakthroughs it is not excluded that snow can soon reach the northern plains, as already happened in the last winter season in the first weeks of December.

Early winter: above average temperatures in Northern Europe, on average in the Mediterranean


WINTER NINA distorts forecasts explain season ILMETEOit

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