Who Rainer Winklarson really is and why he isn’t Kongsberg’s bow and arrow bomber

Some names associated with the bomber armed with a bow and arrow in Kongsberg (Norway) circulated on social media, one of them that of a certain “Rainer Winklarson”, approached to some photographs that saw him practicing inside the courtyard of his home . Several newspapers, including Italian ones such as Free, they had released the photos without realizing that the man portrayed is a German youtuber who that same evening was broadcasting live streaming from his home.

For those in a hurry

  • The popular name online is that of the German Rainer Winkler, aka “Drachen Lord”, his surname has been changed to “Winklarson” to make it appear Norwegian.
  • The photos distributed are always those of Rainer Winkler.


It was the account that fueled the diffusion of the photos and the name “Rainer Winklarson” Terror Alarm (@terror_alarm) through https://twitter.com/terror_alarm/status/1448373105613811715 delle ore 21:40 del 13 ottobre: «Terror Update: The suspect identified as white Norwegian Christian “Rainer Winklarson”».

Some newspapers had taken the shots released by his social networks for good.

As previously reported in the “For those in a hurry“, The man portrayed in the photos is the German youtuber Rainer Winkler, aka“ Drachen Lord ”(he is also the author of a book). For example, the photo published by the Twitter Terror Alarm account is present in the header of the Drachenchronik.com website:

Rainer Winkler could by no means be in Norway on the evening of October 13, 2021, as he was live streaming on his own channel playing Metroid Dread.

Cover photo from an Instagram post by Rainer Winkler (@drachenlord_official).

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Rainer Winklarson isnt Kongsbergs bow arrow bomber

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