Putin: ‘China does not need to use force with Taiwan’ – World

Putin: ‘China does not need to use force with Taiwan’ – World
Putin: ‘China does not need to use force with Taiwan’ – World

China “does not need to use force” for the desired “reunification” with Taiwan. Russian President Vladimir PutinIn an interview with CNBC, he cited President Xi Jinping’s recent comments suggesting the possibility of peaceful reunification and Beijing’s “philosophy of the state” that there is no threat of military confrontation. “I think China does not need to use force: it is a huge powerful economy and, in terms of purchasing parity, it is number one in the world ahead of the US. By increasing this economic potential it is able to achieve its goals. national teams. I don’t see any threats. ”

Taipei will not start a war with Beijing, but will defend itself “to the end”. Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng, amidst the tensions in the Taiwan Strait that have raised fears internationally, he said in a parliamentary hearing, using the official name of Taiwan, that “what is clearer is that the Republic of China will absolutely not initiate or unleash a war, but if there are movements we will face the enemy in full “. According to local media, Chiu noted that the recent sorties of Chinese military jets in the air defense zone of the island were affected by the limited refueling capabilities in the air.


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