Norway, attack on Kongsberg with bow and arrows: who is the attacker –

Norway, attack on Kongsberg with bow and arrows: who is the attacker –
Norway, attack on Kongsberg with bow and arrows: who is the attacker –

The perpetrator of the massacre in Norway confessed: he was already known to the police for his radicalization and his medical history. Confidentiality of the investigators on his identity. He acted alone

A 37-year-old Dane is the man who last night, armed with a bow and arrow, sowed terror in the center of Kongsberg, near Oslo. The police announced this morning without revealing his identity. The man, a resident of Kongsberg, was known to investigators: he had raised concern about his conversion to Islam and subsequent radicalization, the regional police chief said at a press conference this morning.

The attacker has an unspecified clinical history so far but the authorities have not ruled out the hypothesis of the terrorist attack. four women and one man , between the ages of 50 and 70, and seriously injured two others, finite in terapia intensiva. One of them a agent who was off duty at the time of the attack: was shot in the back while shopping in a supermarket. like most of the other victims

Four women and a man are the victims of the 37-year-old Dane who yesterday, with a bow and arrow, started hitting the inhabitants of Kongsberg, southwest of Oslo in Norway. This was reported by the police who, while not revealing the identity of the people killed, reported that they have between the ages of 50 and 70. Two other people were injured by the man, including a police officer who was not on duty.

Questioned during the night, the assailant confessed to be the perpetrator of the attack, said the magistrate
Ann Iren Svane Matthiassen. The man would also have used other weapons besides the bow and arrows: the police, who intervened in force, arrested the attacker after a clash.

Some local media identified him as Rainer Winklarson who showed his skills as an archer on his Youtube channel. Other posts, however, have warned of possible fake news on the identity of the attacker, talking about trolls.

For sure acted alone. He is now in custody in the prison in the town of Drammen, about forty kilometers from Oslo.

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