Colorado, for two years a moose has lived with a tire around his neck: safe

The animal, weighing 270 kilograms, had been wandering around with rubber around its neck for a couple of years and had been spotted several times by park rescuers. On Saturday, during yet another meeting near Denver, they managed to capture him and help him. The first difficulty, however, was to figure out how to free it, since the steel present in the tire made it impossible to cut the wheel away without risking the life of the animal.

The solution, to come back to life, was to cut his horns which, also counting the weight of the tire, freed him from about 16 extra kg. Not a small loss. In fact, the horns are indispensable to the moose during this period of the year to allow it to mate before the onset of winter, and before losing them naturally in view of the spring rebirth. Moreover, the presence of the rubber had not had any evident effects on the health of the animal which, to everyone’s amazement, had not suffered any visible wounds in the neck.


Colorado years moose lived tire neck safe

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