framed by photos and videos

framed by photos and videos
framed by photos and videos

He was sexually abusing of hers animal patients. a Florida veterinarian in the United States is was framed by several videos spread on the net that portrayed him practicing sexual acts with dogs. Prentiss Madden was known precisely because she took care of many strays, trying to give them a second chance, but no one would ever have thought she could be capable of such gestures.

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To frame the 40-year-old some video recorded by him while had sex with dogs who was under treatment which cost him a 22-year prison sentence. The man was arrested in recent months when a cloud company informed police that someone with an IP address matching Madden’s had received more than 1,500 files of suspected child pornography. Since that moment, investigations have started that have shown the material in question.

The doctor of is found guilty after viewing photos and videos that portrayed him in compromising acts with poor animals. Apparently he also shared those images with other people by posting them on the web. A news that has left the owners of the poor patients shocked. In the course of the trial, his lawyers tried to argue that he suffered from mental disorders due to the abuse he suffered as a child, but it did not help to give him any extenuating circumstances.

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