World War III stuff? – Free Daily

World War III stuff? – Free Daily
World War III stuff? – Free Daily

American Special Forces raiders and a contingent of Marines have been deployed to Taiwan to train the Taipei army to defend itself in the event of a Chinese attack. The Pentagon decided that Chinese military planes flew around the island between 1 and 4 October. The operation has been going on for a year. “The American Special Forces raiders train small Taiwanese ground units in resistance actions and the Marines teach how to exploit the potential of light and fast boats that could hinder a landing attempt by the People’s Liberation Army of China,” explains the Corriere della Sera.

“I have no comments to make on specific operations, but I want to emphasize that our support for Taiwan and our relations for the defense of the island align with the threat from the People’s Republic of China. We call on Beijing to honor its commitments for a peaceful settlement of the disputes “, revealed the Pentagon spokesman”. The presence of American military instructors has a strategic value. “Washington has long been inviting Taiwanese friends not to rely solely on traditional defense tacticsa, in particular to the air force. The Pentagon fears that Taiwanese airports and planes would be wiped out by the Chinese in the first massive attack, “writes the Courier service.

The foreign spokesman for Beijing commented on the news on the presence of American special forces on the island asking for their withdrawal and assuring that “China will take all necessary measures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity “. Taiwan does not seek military confrontation, but will do whatever it takes to defend itself. Instead, the president of the island, Tsai Ing-wen, declared it during a security forum in Taipei, which comes in the midst of tensions with China.

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World War III stuff Free Daily

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