Netflix, one of the most requested features ever, is finally available

More updates on Netflix. One of the most requested features ever on Android is about to be released

One of the longest-requested features is coming to Netflix (Getty Images)

Recently, the team of Netflix is striving to offer its users a service that is increasingly updated and in step with the times. Obviously there is no shortage of news at the level of movies and TV series, real highlight of the platform. But also internal features and related to the app and website.

Precisely in this regard, in the last few hours we are starting to talk about a feature that, after a long wait, also arrives on Android. We are talking about “Play something”, designed specifically for the most undecided who never know what to watch. By clicking on the button, the automatic playback of a film or a TV series will start present in the catalog.

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Netflix, how Play Something works: it’s also on Android

Play Something finally joins the Android world (Getty Images)

Last April, Netflix officially released the new feature Play Something for its platform. A fantastic feature, which is giving a big hand to the most undecided. They complained a lot android users however, they had to wait a long time before they could benefit from it. As of today, Reed Hastings’ company has released the long awaited update.

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Its operation is actually very simple. An icon will pop up that gives the idea of ​​content playing shuffle. By clicking on it, the same application will start a random movie or TV series. Then there is the possibility to go on or to stop and look, also saving everything in the list and then continue it at a later time.


Netflix requested features finally

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