Austria, Kurz investigated for aiding and abetting corruption

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is under investigation for “aiding and abetting corruption”. The newspapers Die Presse and Der Standard write it on their news portals. In addition to Kurz, close collaborators of the leader of the People’s Party Ovp, especially the press staff, are also under investigation.

Payments for surveys and announcements in the crosshairs

The investigation concerns polls published by the newspaper “Oesterreich” and by the private TV “oe24”, both owned by the Fellner family. These polls would be paid for by the finance ministry, but “exclusively for party purposes.” Investigators also want to see clearly about 1.3 million euros of Fellner media announcements.


Search Chancellery and Ovp headquarters

This morning, searches were conducted in Vienna, in the Chancellery and in the headquarters of the OVP, the party of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. The interest of the investigators, according to the media, was mainly aimed at documents and computer media of Kurz’s “close collaborators”.

For several days, various media have been speculating that searches are imminent, but they do not concern the already known investigation into the nominations of Casino Austria, but precisely an announcement campaign in the newspaper ‘Oesterreich’. According to Die Presse, the investigation would also concern former minister Sophie Karmasin and the editors of «Oesterreich», Helmuth and Wolfgang Fellner.

The note of the Ovp

In a note, the Ovp said that “after the false accusations that have already been leveled against Sebastian Kurz and others, and which have all turned out to be unfounded, further accusations are now being built on events that date back in part to five years ago. . We always proceed with the same objective and system: to massively damage the People’s Party and Sebastian Kurz ».


Austria Kurz investigated aiding abetting corruption

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