EU Commission launches plan to fight anti-Semitism – Europe

EU Commission launches plan to fight anti-Semitism – Europe
EU Commission launches plan to fight anti-Semitism – Europe

BRUSSELS – The EU commission launches, for the first time in the history of European institutions, an ad hoc strategy to fight anti-Semitism and promote Jewish life in Europe. This was announced on deputy chairman of the commission Margaritis Schinas at the end of the College of Commissioners held in Strasbourg.

The European strategy consists of three actions: “prevent and combat all forms of anti-Semitism”; protect and promote Jewish life in Europe; education and research into the memory of the Holocaust “. “Anti-Semitism continues to be a current and frightening threat”, Schinas pointed out. “Anti-Semitism is not a problem for Jews, but for those who are anti-Semitic. It is incompatible with any European value and with human rights. We want to fight it in all forms”, explained Schinas, presenting the commission’s proposal. Among the actions that the commission proposes to implement there is also that of battle against the “haters”.

The strategy of the European executive is to support the establishment of a European network of ‘content whistleblowers’ and Jewish organizations to remove “any hate speech online”. With the aim of preventing any form of anti-Semitism, the commission aims to “cooperate with companies in the Information Technology sector to prevent the display and sale of symbols, memorabilia and legacies and literature linked to Nazism”, reads the text of the proposal.

The commission’s plan is also expected to make available, in 2022, twenty-four million euros to improve the protection of public spaces and spaces for the faithful. Brussels also sets itself the goal of taking action to protect Jewish cemeteries in Europe and safeguard the legacy of Jewish culture in the Old Continent. Among the initiatives also the creation of a European research center on Jewish culture and contemporary anti-Semitism and the launch of a network of young European ambassadors charged with promoting the memory of the Holocaust.


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Commission launches plan fight antiSemitism Europe

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