Remuzzi to Tgcom24: “Our anti-Covid treatment protocol reduces mortality by 90%”

“As for home treatments – explains Remuzzi – diseases have always been treated at home, what we have developed is a protocol that has already been published. It is based on the administration of anti-inflammatory drugs – celecoxib and nimesulide – to the first symptoms, even before the swab response. Obviously, we talk about the times it took ten days for the response. Of course, I do not dispute that there are other doctors who have obtained good results, but have not yet provided data. Our protocol has been published, now we have finished another one that has been sent for publication, so let’s see if it will confirm the data from the first study or not. “

About the association of the Covid vaccine with the flu vaccine

, according to the professor there would be no danger: “As people have an indication to receive the Covid vaccine (first, second or third dose) there will be the possibility of having the flu vaccine together.

a well-established practice

, which is used for other vaccinations. Regarding the Covid vaccine and flu vaccine association, there are very encouraging data coming from the United States: more than 600 patients (normal people) have been studied in whom no side effects have been identified “.

Also from the United States comes the study confirming the effectiveness of

Merck’s “miracle pill”

, the pharmaceutical giant candidate to be the manufacturer of the first antiviral pill against Covid-19: half of the patients (775 with previous comorbidities that suggested an evolution of the disease in more severe forms) employed in the study treated with the Merck pill already from the early stages of the disease showed a

halving of death cases

and the use of hospitalization. “Prof. Fauci – Remuzzi specified – was amazed that among the patients treated with the pill there were zero deaths, while eight were recorded in the other half”. “This – concludes Remuzzi – is the real news. But

the pill already existed

, was found by researchers from Emory University. ”


Remuzzi Tgcom24 antiCovid treatment protocol reduces mortality

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