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The US Congress avoided the “shutdown”

When there were only a few hours left to do so, the US Congress managed to avoid a “shutdown”, that is, the partial closure of the activities of the federal government. The Senate has approved a provision that provides that federal government activities continue to be funded until December 3. The Chamber did the same shortly thereafter.
The Senate (where Democrats have a very narrow majority of just one senator) approved the measure with 65 votes in favor and 35 against. The House instead approved it with 254 votes in favor and 175 against.

The risk of a “shutdown”, however, was not the only topic that Congress is discussing, which is going through a week defined by Vox “The most chaotic legislative race of recent times”.
In fact, within a few days, he will have to vote on a measure that allows the United States to repay its debts, on pain of a catastrophic default, and on two of the most important legislative initiatives of President Joe Biden: a bill on infrastructure and a ambitious project of economic and social reforms.

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