what happened to the Barberis? – Corriere.it

what happened to the Barberis? – Corriere.it
what happened to the Barberis? – Corriere.it

Group photo of the Barberis

Covid obviously complicated the plans, the rest was done by a harsh winter on the Mediterranean. The family was forced to a long forced stop in the Balearics, with the winter months spent in Formentera (it is worse, already, but it was not easy to have to rewrite the travel plans) because the authorities did not allow to leave due to Covid, now for finally managed to pass the Pillars of Hercules and arrive in the Atlantic, after making a stop in Malaga and Algeciras. The goal is to reach the Canary Islands and then who knows.

A dream adventure, that of the Barberis. The key word sustainability. All done with respect for the environment. On board, environmental scientific projects have taken hold with INFN (national institute of nuclear physics) with which we produce episodes on physics among the waves intended for children and we also host a cosmic ray detector on board Sara tells us. Not only that: With the CNR (national research council) we analyze light pollution and much more. With the sale of the house, a loft in the Ortica neighborhood, the Barberis financed part of the trip. With the proceeds – Sara had explained before departure – we paid for the work in Shibumi and we calculated that we would be able to live for a year. Then we hope to find some remote collaborations as well. My husband is a nuclear physicist and works in computer science and web programming. We are open to any type of experience and proposals. On the boat you don’t have as many expenses as in normal life.


The logbook on Facebook and Instagram, on the Sailing_Shibumi page. Between dream bays and upwind with dolphins, the Barberis tell their journey and their daily life, made up of homework and work, day by day. In fact, the boys study remotely. In addition they develop a project with the environmental awareness school. They are the envoys on the field, says mother Sara, who at the start explained the courageous choice in this way: Usually everyone leaves with a pension. Instead, we want to enjoy this adventure now with the energy of 40 years and make our children enjoy this experience too. It will certainly be a good challenge. Not easy, but unique.

The family boat

In a post published in recent days, Sara wrote: On the mainland we are decorated with many accessories that society imposes on us. On board you live on minimalism, not just objective and practical. Your true nature doesn’t wait long to come out, there are no more excuses or compliments to anyone. On board you only need the essential, even temperamentally. Slowly you get rid of all those aspects that are not really part of you and so you are alone to come to terms with yourself, for better or for worse. I don’t know what will happen but I am doing everything for myself, my husband and my children to fill life with memories, because they will be the ones that we will hold on to at the end of our days. After all, you only live once !.

Still good wind, Barberis.

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