“I thought I’d do everyone a favor”

“I thought I’d do everyone a favor”
“I thought I’d do everyone a favor”

He beat two molesters to death children with a stick in prison. Both died a few hours after help arrived. “I thought I’d do everyone a favor,” he said Jonathan Watson, 41-year-old inmate. It happened in California this week.

The man’s story

The man decided to talk openly about what happened behind bars and to tell the details of the story.

Protagonist of the episode Jonathan Watson, 41-year-old Californian inmate. He killed with sticks David Bobb, 48 years old, e Graham De Luis-Conti, 62, at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility State Prison. Both men were taken to the hospital with severe head injuries. Bobb died during the transfer to the hospital while Luis-Conti was pronounced dead three days after the attack. Watson then unashamedly admitted killing them.

Life imprisonment

The two pedophiles were serving a life sentence for aggravated sexual assault against a child under the age of 14, while Watson had been sentenced to life in prison for first degree murder.

Watson publicly confessed to having beaten the two convicted child molesters to death and provided a detailed report on the incident. In a letter to the news agency, the man explained that immediately after moving to the new prison, where he met the two pedophiles, he realized which was not a good environment for him and so he immediately asked to be moved. Then, the decision: to kill the pedophilia, using another inmate’s cane.

“I thought I’d do everyone a favor”

«I thought I’d do everyone a favor», explained Watson. Authorities weren’t aware of the beatings until Watson himself stopped a prison guard and confessed what he had done.

Dismantled the online pedophile network: 13 arrests. Pescara is also involved


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