kids partying in the street, queues and crowds

kids partying in the street, queues and crowds
kids partying in the street, queues and crowds

The Norway has revoked all restrictions: and the party started from the first day. Boys in the street, parties, queues, fights and some young people even passed out in front of the clubs. The reopening came after 561 days of restrictions and limitations. The Norwegian government had suddenly announced – last Friday – that it would revoke the social distancing already the next day, on Saturday starting at 16:00. At that point, restaurants, bars and pubs reopened and immediately sold out. «561 days have passed since we introduced the toughest measures in Norway», Prime Minister Erna Solberg explained at a press conference. «Now it’s time to go back to one normal daily life“. Almost trivial note but which should be underlined: no one who runs with the mask.

The (sudden) release of the prime minister kicked off the celebrations (many of them alcoholic) the following afternoon – which lasted until Saturday night – with an impromptu rave in Stavanger, a brawl in Tønsberg and no less than 50 total brawls reported. to the police in Oslo. Neither vaccination status nor a negative test result (swab) was required for nowhere, which led to very long queues outside the premises. Therefore, all happy and without Green pass. In several cities the celebrations also took place with fireworks.

The queues for Trondheim’s clubs were so long that several people passed out while waiting to enter. The police intervened several times, but without particular problems. Many kids sang the national anthem in the streets. Still, the chaos in the streets has provoked a furious response from some restaurateurs. «That’s exactly what I predicted would happen», he said Johan Hoeeg Haanes (from Oslo) at the local VG newspaper.

«It was a life-threatening situation in the city because the government didn’t give us at least a few days’ notice». Other managers, of course, were grateful to be back at work. «It was a beautiful evening, I’m very happy because we got to open», said the general manager of Heidi’s Bier Bar in Oslo, Adrian Sneen.

Norway, from tomorrow back to normal: all restrictions (including distancing) removed

«There was a heavy workload. There were many people out already in the afternoon and the chaos continued throughout the night»Oslo police spokesman Rune Hekkelstrand told Norwegian public broadcaster NRK. The Oslo police received 190 reports of riots, more or less those recorded (in their country) on New Year’s Eve.

Prime Minister Solberg then reiterated: «We will no longer have strict measures unless they are professionally justified. People must be able to live as they wish». Norway is the second country in the Nordic region to have lifted Covid-19 restrictions after Denmark (it was 10 September). According to official data, more than 76% of the Norwegian population received a dose of vaccine and nearly 70% received both injections. Prime Minister Solberg concluded: «Even though everyday life has returned to normal for most people, the pandemic it’s not over. People will still get sick and therefore it is important that everyone be vaccinated».

Denmark, Green pass already removed: from restaurants to gyms, entry is now free

Those who contract virus they still have to go into solitary confinement. Meanwhile, travel restrictions will be relaxed and the government will no longer advise against traveling outside Europe.


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