Canada, miners trapped at a depth of 1200 meters: race against time

Montreal, 27 September 2021 – Race against time, in Canada, to save the 39 trapped miners for over 24 hours in Sudbury (Ontario). An accident on Sunday afternoon interrupted the main access to the Totten mine, preventing workers from getting back up. The company that owns the quarry, the Brazilian Vale, has stated that at the moment there are no injuries: all thirty-nine would be unharmed. At dawn Italian time “the rescue teams have reached the miners”, reports Vale, “and are starting to” move them via a secondary exit ladder system. “To the workers – who are between 900 and 1,200 meters below the entrance level – food and water was brought.

“No one was aboard the main transportation system when the accident occurred,” company spokeswoman Danica Pagnutti told Radio Canada, broadly explaining the dynamics of the accident: a piece of heavy equipment would collide. with the lift of the main transport system.

Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford also spoke on the matter: “We understand that this bailout will take some time and we are very relieved to know that the miners are currently unharmed,” he tweeted. According to what is learned, some will be able to surface autonomously, while the older and more tried will be saved with the use of ropes. The miners had gone underground. The mining operation in Totten, which closed in 1972 and reopened in 2014, has been interrupted since Sunday. Nickel, copper and other precious metals are mined in Totten.

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