“Women bodies with vagina”. Storm over the liberal excess of the Lancet

Sometimes bending too much to the dogmas of politically correct and ideology woke, appearing attentive and vigilant to racial and “gender” discrimination, in an attempt to be “inclusive” and respectful of minorities, can trigger the opposite effect. It happens to the prestigious magazine The Lancet, considered a true secular Bible in the medical-scientific field, which as reported by the Telegraph was accused of sexism after describing women as “bodies with vagina“on the cover of its latest edition. Un

who shared the magazine’s front page caused a wave of criticism and backlash, with academics canceling their subscriptions, doctors calling the phrase “dehumanizing“and activists who harshly criticize the offending sentence, which certainly does not favor inclusiveness. Certainly the author of the article did not have an easy task: in fact, the cover hurts a particular article, entitled”Periods on Display“and published on September 1, which reviews an exhibition on the history of menstruation at the Vagina Museum in London.

Women become “bodies with vagina”: storm up The Lancet

In the piece, the author mentions the “women“four times, but also use the phrase”bodies with vaginas“on one occasion, in a clumsy attempt to appear inclusive not particularly appreciated even by feminists themselves.”Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected“reads, an excerpt that the editors of The Lancet they chose to put on the cover, sparking a wave of controversy and criticism on social media, and beyond. “Should we just accept it? Are we really just ‘bodies with vagina’ for medical professionals?

the Scottish activist Susan Dalgety, while Calvin, journalist of the Telegraph he was born in Daily Mail accusation The Lancet to have used an unscientific and offensive definition: “How is it possible that one of the world’s leading general medical journals apparently doesn’t know what a woman is ?! ‘Bodies with vaginas’ is unscientific and incredibly humiliating ” on Twitter. Professor Geoffrey Miller also attacks the magazine: “Isn’t The Lancet ashamed of dehumanizing living, breathing, thinking, perceiving women as mere bodies with a vagina? “. In short, a bad misstep for a prestigious newspaper, recognized as one of the most prestigious publications in the world in the medical-scientific field.

The London exhibition dedicated to menstruation

The article of discord, entitled Periods on Display, reviews, as already mentioned, an exhibition dedicated to menstruation at the Vagina museum in London, which ended last September 19th. It must be said that the same museum, in an excess of politically correct, uses the term “body” instead of “woman”. Menstruation, we read on the museum’s website, was “a taboo subject within society“for thousands of years. Over 800 million people, it says,”menstruate every day (Global Citizen, 2019)“and beyond”50% of the world population will menstruate at some point in their life“, however this”natural process that some bodies“cross”he is still shrouded in shame and stigma, even today“.

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