God listens to our daily problems

God listens to our daily problems
God listens to our daily problems

Anxiety, stress, worries of various kinds, take away our serenity and do not reconcile with sleep. But prayer can help us.

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Talking to God, reciting a particular prayer to him, can help us chase away those bad thoughts that do not allow us to fall asleep in a peaceful and peaceful way.. Being at peace with ourselves and with the Father, even through an examination of conscience, can free us from all burdens.

The anxieties that grip us in the evening

Why can’t we fall asleep right away? What is it that disturbs us so much? Why can’t I pray and talk to God even in the evening? These are just some of the questions that, at least once in a lifetime, each of us has asked.

The pandemic, that sense of “forced closure” at home, fear, anxiety and stress … and we could list again and again … do nothing but delay sleep, that sleep of the righteous for which we yearn so much, especially after a day of work.

Pray to be able to sleep peacefully

There are those who read a book, those who count sheep, those who watch TV. But how many actually pray before falling asleep? “But can I say that prayer?”- many ask. God doesn’t need standard prayer, he simply needs us to open our hearts to him and to confide in him, as a dear friend, all our problems, our worries and the evils that afflict us, certain of receiving comfort, consolation and advice from him.

Lord, into your hands I entrust my day and my rest”: This is one of the simplest but also the most complete prayers that each of us, even the little ones, can recite. As we said, God does not need proclamations or great and formulated prayers. The simplicity of our heart is enough for him, a heart that recognizes his sins and asks him for forgiveness, sincere forgiveness.

The prayer to do before falling asleep

In addition to an examination of conscience that, every evening, each of us should do, here is a prayer to recite so that the protection of God, the Virgin and the saints protect and guard our night’s rest:

My father,

now that the voices are silent and the noises have died down,

here in the bed my soul rises to You, to say:

I believe in You, I hope in You and I love you with all my strength,

glory to you, Lord!

I place fatigue and struggles in your hands,

the joys and disappointments

of this past day.

If my nerves have betrayed me,

if selfish impulses have dominated me,

if I have given rise to resentment or sadness,

forgiveness, Lord!

Have mercy on me.

If I have been unfaithful,

if I have spoken words in vain,

if I let myself be carried away by impatience,

if I’ve been a problem for someone,

forgiveness, Lord!

On this night

I don’t want to surrender to sleep

without feeling in the soul

the security of your mercy,

your sweet mercy

completely free.

I thank you, my Father,

because you were the cool shadow

that has covered me throughout this day.

I thank you because,

invisible, affectionate and enveloping,

you took care of me like a mother

in all these hours.

Gentleman! Around me

everything is already silence and calm.

Send the angel of peace to this house.

Relax my nerves,

calm my spirit,

release my tensions,

floods my being with silence and serenity.

Watch over me, beloved Father,

as I trust myself to sleep,

like a baby sleeping happily in your arms.

In your Name, Lord, I will rest peacefully.


+ Fra ‘Ignacio Larrañaga

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