The miracle of Trudie, the cat who survived a collision with a bus

The miracle of Trudie, the cat who survived a collision with a bus
The miracle of Trudie, the cat who survived a collision with a bus

“Trudie is the result of a miracle, so we gave her a very special name, that of Saint Gertrude, the patroness of cats.” Speaking is Amy Hearne, an animal care assistant at the RSPCA, who cared for this female tortoiseshell cat who survived after being hit by a bus in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK. And to make the situation even more complicated there was also the fact that the cat ran away from the people who wanted to help him. Animal care assistant Amy Hearne and volunteer Katie Duncan, both of whom work at the RSPCA Southridge Animal Center in Hertfordshire, were determined to find her. They posted posters, launched appeals on social media, contacted local veterinarians and charities, distributed flyers to homes and businesses in the area, and worked with Cat Welfare Luton to try and find her. Eventually, she was spotted on March 30 by a local business owner who contacted the RSPCA. Sixteen days after she was shot and seriously injured, she was captured and rushed to a local veterinary clinic for lifesaving treatment.

“Her muzzle wounds had made her unable to eat, so she was weak and exhausted and must have suffered a lot – says Amy Hearne -. She spent a week at the vets where she underwent life-saving surgery to remove one eye and ligate her jaw again. I can’t believe she survived that long; she is a little fighter ».

For the first week, Trudie was fed via a tube, and when she was transferred to the Southridge cattery, staff gave her around-the-clock assistance to get her to eat normally again and to help her get back on her feet.

“She is brash, affectionate and playful; he is truly a character and will bring so much joy to the right family. She’s still a little girl and loves to play, but she’s also a real cuddle and will curl up on your lap in seconds from when you sit down – explains Hearne -. He loves meals, which is not surprising given everything he’s been through, and is very talkative; will surely let you know when he is hungry! It could be a tiny cat but it has a great personality ».

Now Trudie is looking for a family that wants to adopt her. Not just any one because what happened to her has certainly marked her: “Trudie lost one of her eyes in the accident, so she needs a home where she’ll be safe. She gets nervous about the traffic and finds the noise of passing vehicles quite frightening, so that is why we would like to find her a quiet and rural environment, a home where she can enjoy the peace – explains Southridge Deputy Director Mona Jorgensen -. After all that this little miracle has been through and through, we can’t wait to see her go to a wonderful new home to live her beloved and spoiled life! ”.

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