the mother dies while the children survive four days clinging to her body

September 17, 2021 9:33 pm

The woman nursed her babies until the very last moment, drinking her own urine to hydrate and continue to feed them.

As for the other people on the boat, the nanny survived by hiding in a fridge where she sheltered from the heat, while the other five – including the baby’s father – are still missing.

Chacon’s Sacrifice – Chacon, who, according to local media reports, died of cardiovascular collapse caused by dehydration, nursed her children until the last moment, drinking her own urine to hydrate, continue to feed them and thus save them. The children, Jose David and Maria Beatriz Camblor Chacon, and the nanny were rushed to hospital. They are fine.

The Venezuelan National Maritime Authority Inea said that “the woman died three or four hours before the rescue”. The funeral took place on Saturday and was broadcast on YouTube.


mother dies children survive days clinging body

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